The Moody Blues used to sing “Nights of white satin never reaching the end…” and it would has been really nice that last night, a pure rock and roll one, never reached its end because it was full of good music, good feelings and a terrific ambience.

Winchester presented their new EP in one of the most important rock and roll bars of the north of Spain: Don Floro (Avilés). If we were in the 50’s this would be the kind of bar where Chuck Berry or Little Richard would perform in.
Nacho Iglesias (lead singer and acoustic guitar), Ger Gilsanz (lead guitar and voices), Kaik García (bass and voices) and Pablo Pravia (drums and voices) are making their way into the more independent musical Spanish panorama. First of all, they have loads of fun playing, which is one of the most important things when you are working on something. And mainly because of that they sound so good. Because there is passion in what they do. The EP is brilliant. We find there four songs with a great classic rock and roll basis and, as their influences are so big, we can find as well some alternative or blues overtones. It has been recorded and edited by themselves. Basically “home-made”, which is a a commendable piece of work. This EP has been treated lovingly, carefully, patiently and that’s for what they have achieved a very good result.
If you have the chance of going to one of their gigs you will not be able to stand still and not to shake your hips for a while. They possess the musical seed, that seed that make them wake the talent they have inside and play every concert like if it was their last one in life.

I leave here a link to their “bandcamp” web page where you can listen to the themes of the EP and download them for free. So once you have clicked the play and turned up the volume you should be prepared to one of the most incredible rock and roll experiences from your sofas. 

Judge for yourselves and do not forget to join them on Facebook