We can not deny The Brian Jonestown Massacre are as original in their band name as in their music. Keen lovers of Rolling Stones’s music they have taken the name of the co-founder Brian Jones and the mass suicide in Jonestown (Guyana).

They have inherited the psychedelia sound of the 60’s  and they have combined it with the indie, pop and experimental-rock streams. The result has been an original and eclectic sound that not so many bands can get. They are genuine in what they do. Their sound is slack. Maybe. But they do not care. It is still sounds great. I guess this is a big influence from their main group, The Rolling Stones, whose sound sometimes can be perceived as lazy in some themes. Mick has the power of sound apathetic or energic when he wants. And The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s roots are just the same. Their songs can be lethargic or joyful, but anyway, if you like this “rock-experimental-psychedelia” sound of the 60’s and 70’s, you are going to love them.

They started in the 90’s, when the grunge panorama was emerging, but they chose another way. Their style has been compared to The Dandy Warhols and they maintain a love-hate with this band which can be seen in the documental “Dig!”.

Just check a few songs and if they are on your wave, they will be able to captivate you.