Wrath of the Titans (2012)
Dir. Jonathan Liebesman
Starring Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Nighy, Rosamund Pike, Toby Kebbell and Édgar Ramírez

Feel the Wrath of the Titans.
Hear the Snore of the Audience.

After admitting that Clash of the Titans was a complete failure, Sam Worthington returns to the not so anticipated sequel; Wrath of the Titans with director Jonathan Liebesman at the helm this time around. The film follows Sam Worthington as demi-god Perseus who must save his father Zeus (Neeson) and the world from the scheming god Hades (Fiennes), once again.

The films scattered but must be found items and one-damn-thing-after-another narrative is a structure best suited for video games. A structure executed to near perfection in hit mythological video game series God of War that proves far more enjoyable than Wrath of the Titans. The game is not only more ‘historically’ accurate than Wrath of the Titans but a lot more entertaining and features a far more interesting lead character. The films reluctant hero Perseus is portrayed by Sam Worthington whose dry performance and little personality become one of the films key problems. Although reprising his role Worthington is miscast as a father to a 10 year old whose inclusion may hint towards the expected sequel.

The films decent attempt at explaining the complicated family tree that is the gods allows Liam Neeson (Zeus) and Ralph Fiennes (Hades) to easily become the film’s top stars. This isn’t however hard in a failed blockbuster attempt. The on screen relationship between Zeus and Hades is complicated yet heartfelt and makes for some great scenes. Unfortunately due to a severe lack of character development the same can’t be said for the supporting characters. Rosamand Pike does a decent job at portraying Queen Andromeda as a strong, brave and intelligent heroine. Meanwhile Toby Kebbell’s Agenor is a fun comedy inclusion that is overshadowed but an incredibly humorous Bill Nighy as Hephaestus. Meanwhile Edgar Ramirez’s Ares is regrettably dull.

‘Perseus going up against a handful of mythical beast’s results in good action but a lacklustre plot’

Like its predecessor, Wrath of the Titans was converted into 3D in the post production stage, to a much higher quality than Clash of the Titans. It isn’t however worth forking out the extra cash for. Wrath of the Titans does however feature some tremendous CGI that bring the likes of the Cyclops and various other monsters to life on the big screen. The detail and conceptual ideas behind the monster bring a much appreciated adrenaline rush to excellent action sequences authenticated by some great set design.

The audience need to go in with an open mind when Greek mythology is involved, yet an open mind couldn’t save this film from failure. The sloppy writing ruins what could have been a brilliant swords and sandals epic had the original tales of Persues been done justice too. Needless to say the film is a step up from its predecessor that very much followed the same storyline structure. If you’re a fan of this genre then pick up a copy of the God of War series or recent DVD release Immortals instead as Perseus going up against a handful of mythical beast’s results in good action but a lacklustre plot. Watch it if you want to see some superb CGI and nothing else.


Popcorn & Soda Rating: 2/5

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