We think that magic doesn’t happen and the good never wins, except of course in fairytales. A wooden doll will never become a real boy and the girl in the high tower might as well just chop her hair off now to give a bit of a slack to her neck. There is so much talent out there, waiting to be found and to break free. Like that girl in the tower, some of this beauty stays locked away and can never shine. However there are exceptions. Pure and wonderful ones, that seize the day.

Have you ever heard of a place called Estonia?
Come on, did you just lie?!

I have and I’ve even lived there, so it does exist.

In this magical land of “this does not exists” live 4 boys: Ewert, Erki, Kristjan and Ivo. Just few years ago, they were the boys who played in various bands, trying to find their feet and telling me stories about how they wished they could make some “real” music. To create the music that they love and they would want to listen to. “A Simple Music,” as they said. And then, on a glorious sunny morning, something great happened. This bunch of friends took a weekend off, packed some beers and food and left the town to chill in one of the guy’ s summer house. Going in proper Bon Iver style to simply make some music. Doesn’ t seem like a much of a fairytale just yet, does it? But I have a secret to tell….

…This is the story about how the first album of Ewert and The Two Dragons was born. Little bare footed child with curious eyes and heart full of love was created to step into the world to discover.  And now, merely 3 years later, Ewert And The Two Dragons has won numerous Estonian music awards, toured the Scandinavia and Europe and packed their bags for the States. Their first album The Hills Behind The Hills was melancholically beautiful, clearly having a style of its own comfortably sitting amongst indie and folk. But this album was just the beginning. With their second album release – Good Man Down – in April 2011 all hell broke loose.

Good Man Down is an album of stories. It is like a beautiful book filled with the tales from the past. Simple, yet complicated having the beauty of unknown and rare flower. Actually the face of the second album seems to be more positive and full of energy. And it seems that so are the boys.

All I can say is that I have lost a piece of my heart to that flying creature.

I will leave you to it. Go and discover.

Who knows, maybe in the end there’ s only love after all.


Upcoming gigs: Wednesday 4th of April, Piano’ s, New York, Thursday 5th of April Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York.

Ewert And The Two Dragons
Genre: Indie rock, folk
Years: 2009 – present
Albums: The Hills Behind The Hills (2009)
Good Man Down (2011)
Members: Ewert Sundja, Erki Pärnoja, Kristjan Kallas, Ivo Etti

Website: http://ewertandthetwodragons.com