Twin-Hand Movement - Lower Dens

I can’t find a lot of information on this Lower Dens…. There’s no wikipedia page and no fully listed biography. This fact makes them SO much more enticing. This band are from Baltimore, formed in 2009 and quickly making themselves heard (they played at SXSW last month). Their singer is Jana Hunter and they are a four-piece…. That’s about it!

I’ve been listening to this album in my car since the beginning of the easter break and I adore it – dream-pop, minimal vocals, strong/simple drums and gentle guitar melodies. All the sounds swirl together in peaks and troughs and it just works so well together. There’s no crazy distortion and nothing that doesn’t need to be there – everything is necessary for this to work in harmony. The gentle vocals lilt over the top of the minimalistic melodies and complement each other perfectly – driving to this is so chill.

I recommend ‘Rosie’.

C x