English summers tend to leave a lot to be desired for, so here’s 10 tips to help ease the pain of not going holiday:

1. Rain does not stop you going out – invest in an anorak.

If there is anything I have learnt from living in England it’s ‘even if it’s raining you can still go out’ because let’s be honest if you just stayed in every time it rained you would probably be spending most of your summer inside.  I love the zoo so why not go there when it’s raining, with most of it being inside you’re really only going to get wet when walking from one place to another, so just remember to bring your umbrella with you and all will be well.

2. Prepare yourself for a real tan!

Everyone loves a bit of fake tan but why not try and get real tan. Of course there is the obvious chance that it will rain all summer but you never know your luck may be in and think how much you will regret it if you have just topped up on the fake stuff when you could have had the real deal. Picture the scene now, you look outside your window and realise it’s not raining and so you think it’s the perfect opportunity to go in to town. Once in town you see a Boots and want to go in to buy some more fake tan. STOP. Look up, it’s sunny, find a nice bit of grass with your friends, roll up your trousers and get a real tan, you will thank me for this.

3. Visit a real English seaside

Don’t get me wrong, I love all these exotic holidays with white beaches and scorching sun but what’s wrong with Walton-on-the- Naze or Clacton. When I was younger I used to go every year to the beach, get my fresh doughnuts and sit by the, admittedly stony, beach. Yes I know, it’s not as desirable as the Mediterranean but we should appreciate what we’ve got. Every year people moan about how expensive their holiday was abroad  and then go back next year just to pay even more money and  spend a week or two with the same people even though they know they’re just going to get annoyed halfway through the holiday but can’t go anywhere. I suggest you save your money, go to a nearby beach and be comforted by the fact that if it all goes wrong you’re just a short drive away from home.

4. Expect traffic.

It’s a well-known fact that on the day you plan to go out so will everyone else in the country, you have to expect this. And if you are going on the M25 you will probably get over taken by a snail, that’s life.  I suggest a good book and an iPod. Sorted. Unfortunately traffic is unavoidable fact of English life, ‘it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey’ and trust me if you’re going to be travelling around England on a hot day you will definitely have a long journey to enjoy!

5. Hot Chelle Rae

A pop/rock band from America who seem to be becoming ever increasingly popular. The band, who consists of; Ryan, Ian, Jamie and Nash, are possibly the most aesthetically pleasing band around. Seriously.  With ridiculously catchy songs like ‘Tonight Tonight’ and ‘I Like It Like That’, you will find it hard to resist on a hot summers day. Having played with Taylor Swift and gained international fans it’s a wonder I don’t hear them on the radio, I have to hand it to us English we normally have a brilliant taste for music so how did we miss them? On top of all that they themselves even say they like Queen and The Beatles… I think I might just be falling in love with them!  Not only are they my favourite band at the moment but they’re also one of my top tips for 2012.

6. Visit an English Heritage site.

It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that Audley End house, named in ‘The Sun’ as one of the ‘7 wonders of Essex’ is only a 10minute walk away from my house, and yet I have never been there before. For £13 you can visit the stately house and grand gardens for a whole day, why not bring a picnic and the dogs and enjoy every minute of it, going out doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I know it’s not quite Disneyland but the likeliness is that you’re probably not too far away from and English Heritage site so why not open your mind to something a different.

7. Invest in a camera.

England is pretty, so why not capture it. That’s something I think is always forgotten about England, it’s full of such different cultures and historic land but most people are far too busy trying to figure out where the nearest Primark is. Don’t.

I live in Saffron Walden, which admittedly is probably one of the most boring towns in East Anglia and the highlight of the social calendar was the Maze Festival, genuinely a festival celebrating mazes. Its small events like these that make your town so special, why not capture your everyday life and create a Flickr account, someone will be interested!

8. Don’t spend your whole summer worrying about a diet.

Every year I say ‘I’m going to lose weight and get a nice pair of shorts’ and it definitely does not happen, and of course I am still going to attempt to master the skill of weight lose but if it’s mid-August and you’ve starved yourself all summer and still not happy, just have a pizza! No one is going to hate you for it and you probably deserve it. As mentioned in number.3 I love a freshly cooked doughnut at the beach, however they don’t like my waistline but that is definitely not going to stop me, don’t let a beach-body diet ruin your summer.

9. Pimm’s!

I live by the rule that it is always Pimm’s O’clock, forever! Nothing beats a nice, fresh glass of Pimm’s with all the fruit in it. I am aware that not everyone will like Pimm’s so for you my advice would be chose a summer drink, not just boring larger but a proper summer drink, like Strawberry and Lime Kopperberg, and enjoy it ALL summer, you will appreciate it when September brings nothing but rain.

10. Leave your laptop at home.

Even I am guilty of this one, spending the whole summer on my laptop, inside, by myself. Don’t do it, enjoy the sun.  Trust me when I say this, your computer will be waiting for you when you get back home, it would not have eloped to an exotic country with your iPhone, so stop panicking. You can go out without spending all day on twitter, I am sure you 34 followers will understand!

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