What makes me attracted to someone? Anything. Quite often it’s tallness, a beard, eyes. Sometimes a broken nose. But what attracts me most to someone is their X factor.

Everyone has an X factor. An invisible layer around them, a force field. When two bodies come into close proximity their X factors mingle. If there’s a match – boom. If not – thank you and goodbye. Nothing can predict whether there will be a match. I can find someone good looking or not from a photo and superimpose all sorts of fantasies and day dreams onto them. But if our X factors don’t get along, it’s end of story.

X factors also transcend gender. Gender is a physical thing. Therefore an X factor has no gender as it has no form. And thus the whole issue about gay/straight/bi goes bye-bye.

Attraction is blind.

The trouble is people change. Our energies change, our vibrations change… and so does our X factor. Some may call it growing up. It never stops happening. Even as we lie dying in bed at ninety, we’re still growing and changing. We can’t predict how we are going to change and much less how the people around us are going to change.

And that’s why you can wake up one morning and not desire the person lying next to you. Your X factors have shifted and are no longer in alignment. There’s nothing to be done. Maybe they will come back into alignment, maybe not. The problem comes when people expect to remain attracted to someone forever. I imagine many expect this to happen when they get married.

So that is what makes me attracted to someone. It cannot be predicted and I will never know if I will be attracted to someone until they’re there and I’m there: chemistry.

Although, all of the above said, if a person has ugly hands – total deal breaker. I cannot find a logical explanation for this… but attraction is anything but logical.