Well I need some good gritty rock in my day today and what better way to fulfil that need by listening to the fantastic “Waters” or Van Pierszalowski and Co as they are known. Originating from San Francisco Van P had little success with his previous band Port O’Brein and struggled to get people to listen. Waters is very much his last attempt to hit it big and from the sounds of his début album “Out in the Light”, everything might have finally clicked into place.

With growling guitars and broken vocals the rustic charm of Waters shines through both lyrically and musically. You could compare him to the likes of Bear Hands, White Strips and Feeder. Currently on a world tour and set to tour with Delta Spirit later in the year Waters will be very busy for some time to come. The track above is called “For the One” and is one of many tracks on their album that is just awesome.

You can listen to more of his sweet music here I know you will want more than this so you can also download a free copy of “For The One” there as well. GET ON IT.