Prepare yourself for an onslaught of fun and boptastic tuneage heading your way. The track above is by the brilliant and hotly tipped “Django Django” a London foursome with some serious fire-power and synth-crushing addictiveness.

Having formed in 2009 at art school in Edinburgh, and released their début album on the 30th January this year the band have had a busy time generating hype and creating an image for themselves. They have mass appeal to me for the following reasons;

1) Do not have baby faces and are therefore older than me.

2) Make some sweet music.

3) Have a growing respect for facial hair.

With these three critical elements in one group the last three years have passed with a blur, and their tour has just sold out all over the UK. They are set to grace many a stage up and down the country so if you can go see them.

If you are fans of Ghostpoet, Polinski or Worship I suggest you check these guys out before they explode into the mainstream. If you like the sound of this be sure to to check out what else they have to have offer on their website here. Enjoy 😀