I once heard someone tell my friend that fans of Indie music can’t like country too.  Now, see, I have a problem with this.  I think that people tend to be of the opinion that if you sing about where you’re from, about the simple things in life, that the music is thereby simpleminded.  If the song doesn’t possess some grand metaphor about the meaning of life then it’s not worth their time.  But you may ask, why should I listen to some guy sing about sitting on the front porch or taking a ride in his truck?  I’m sorry but are this situations not realistic?  Or is it that they are just too simplistic?

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Indie music, it’s my favorite.  I can also go weeks listening to songs in anything but English.  I love a song with a grand metaphor about life.  This being said, I also appreciate music that’s about the little things in life- like sitting on my front porch on a summer afternoon.  I grew up in the country, a town with no traffic lights and dirt roads.  It wasn’t until I moved to the city, ironically enough, that I even started taking a liking to country music.  It reminded me of home.

Onto this song though!  Jason Aldean is one of my favorite country singers.  He has this great twangy, clear voice.  This particular song, Fly Over States, is the track I like the most off his sophomore album, My Kinda Party.  The melody is great and the message of the song is much like what I was discussing earlier.  I think many of us in the US who live on either the eastern or western seaboards are guilty of thinking like this at times: Who would want to in those states that we fly over?  They’re flat and there’s no ocean.  This song does a good job at explaining why someone would love those places.  It’s worth a listen, even if you’re not the biggest fan of this genre of music.  Hey, you might even surprise yourself!

Much love,