Genre: alt indie


Ok so once a week I volunteer in the union music library at university, and this week me and the other girl who was in found an unmarked CD in the “new music” section. Curiosity got the better of us and we had a listen over our shift before I got to take it home with me and investigate further into the mystery CD – which turned out to be by a band called Low.

Now Low are quite an old band – hailing from the USA as of 1993, but you can’t hear it at all in their music – it’s unusual to hear something so unique now, especially. The Curtain Hits The Cast is their third album, as of 1996 (so not necessarily new, but I guess it must’ve been recently bought for the music library!). The band has been termed “slowcore” in recent times, which, although I can see why, I don’t really know why the term is there – why do we need to label them “slowcore” when they are a cross of such a diverse range of genres and styles? But anyway, back to the album…

The slow style and progressive nature of the music makes it so easy to listen to, with soft vocals overlaying. Both male and female vocals feature, adding interest as the album progresses, but what I enjoy the most is build-ups and wallows of the music – the band definitely takes their time, but it is so worth it.

Give them a listen if you like the band Idaho.

C x