For some reason unknown to me, the NFL schedules the Super Bowl on a Sunday Night, which is one of the dumber things to ever come out of American Sport. This spectacle could easily be played on a Saturday evening, yet even when they’ve moved the damn game into February it’s stayed on the non-Jewish Sabbath. Therefore, some of us are probably going to need a little pick-me-up inorder to watch it. I’ve been told that I cannot condone the use of a white powdery recreational drug off the silicone enhanced chest of a Las Vegas stripper whilst consuming the contents of your suite’s mini-bar, but luckly for us there is an alternative… Red Bull and Vodka. I’ll state right here that I’m not a real fan of this concoction or its two main ingredients. It does, however, have legality and a lack of herpes going for it, and that’s good enough for me!

Vodka and Red Bull: In a glass over ice mix 2 parts Vodka to 3 parts Red Bull.