Pulled Apart By Horses are back! The Leeds four-piece return with their second album “Tough Love” following up to their amazing self titled début. “Tough Love” encapsulates what PABH are all about perfectly, with “loud” being the order of the day. If you listen to this on headphones or full pelt on speakers you will not be disappointed.

With rock music of recent being quite a morbid affair the Fun-factor has most definitely bee brought back into it with this album. Tracks like “Epic Myth” and “Some Mothers” being both funny and made for air guitaring. You will be bouncing off the walls listening to this and smiling all the way through.

The above Track is called “V.E.N.O.M.” and when hearing this earlier in 2011 I was not sure if I liked it or not, but this much improved album version is to be put another way BADASS, and ticks all the boxes. If you want the energy of Gallows mixed with the fun of a bans like Bowling for soup and New found glory PABH are definitely the band for you.

Go here for a full listen of the album, and visit their website for extra bits and tour dates. Enjoy.