Born in Camberwell, London on 28th August 1986 Florence Welch has always been the music type, with her father pushing her into the music run way of life. Her unique style of music has now infected millions and headlining festivals is surely not far away.

Now I feel its important that I must admit I was not a fan of her first album “Lungs” and although it was critically acclaimed the only song I really liked was “Dog Days are Over” and it was a rare occasion that I would even listen to that.

However after hearing “Shake It Up” the first song to apear after “Lungs” I was hooked and waiting anticipated for the second album. “Shake It Up” starts with a very much religious feel, you feel like you are in a church listening to one person and an organ playing softly to entice people to come in. Then a deep, strong base beat is brought to life with echoing vocals.

“Ceremonials” the second album was released late last year and I think it is just brilliant. With a classical and rock feel entwined with Miss Welch’s powerful vocals. She very much has her own style and sound and is completely incomparable to anyone around at the moment. With the success of her first album and the growing success of this one Florence and her machine are sure to be around for many more years.

I’m sure you know Florence and the Machine and you enjoy her work greatly, but incase you don’t know her yet, and want to find out more please go here. Enjoy.