65daysofstatic are easily one of the best live acts ever. Although this is a very bold claim I believe this to be FACT!

Originating from Shefield, UK the prog-rock group have always challenged what is actually possible with both recorded and live music. They do this by being determined to produce almost every single sound using real instruments and not just plugging in a synthesiser. There truly fantastic, and need to be seen to be believed they really are something special.

After many many years of touring and making music 2010 was a huge year for the band. They toured with probably the biggest cult band of all time “The Cure” and thus gave birth to this magnificent piece of music brilliance. By using Robert Smiths voice as a backing vocal, they distorted and played with it until almost complete destruction and were left with just adding their trademark of pure sound to the finished article.

“Come to Me” is track number seven off their fifth album “We were exploding anyway” that was set to be their last attempt at music, as they had very little money left to spare. But it got a surprising amount of airplay and 65dos now have enough money in the bank to carry on for a few more years to come.

I know you will love this so I can advise you enough to go here and see the extra tunes 65dos can bring to you. Enjoy.