Here We Go! Getting ready for the 84th annual Academy Awards starts right now.

As you all (should) know by now, the annual Academy Awards will air in less than 2 months – February 26th, to be exact.

I’m mentioning this since I’m an Oscarholic. I love everything about it. Every year, I watch all the “best motion picture” nominees, read every Oscar related article out there, place bets on the winners with family and friends (not for money, but for ever lasting honor) and of course – wake up at 2 AM in order to watch the red carpet and ceremony live. It isn’t easy being an Oscar buff in Tel-Aviv – time difference is a bitch. This live screening is usually accompanied by my sister and every type of junk food imaginable. After watching TV all night, I show up at work the next day looking pretty much like I was hit by a car and smelling of cheetos.
Anyway, this time of year is when I usually start preparing.

Step number 1 is watching the first official trailer. Billy Crystal will host this year, for the ninth time! Gonna be EPIC.