Band of Skulls release their second album ‘Sweet Sour’ on the 21st February. Their last album ‘Baby Darling Doll Face Honey’ gave them recognition and saw them attract a large fan base mainly in the UK but following a tour in the US and Canada in 2010 they cultivated followers across the seas also. Having toured with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Dead Weather and Muse in the past, they are set to tour with the Black Keys this year which will surely increase their fan base even more and make them more widely known. The song ‘Bruises’ taken off the new album encapsulates the sound of the band and what they are about rather well. Reminiscent of other punk/blues type bands of the moment they have an infectious sound. If you like the White Stripes then Band of Skulls are for you; vocalist Russell Marsden has a tone of voice a lot like Jack White and the band’s heavy, bluesy jams and stomping percussion creates a sound not too dissimilar to the White Stripes and the Dead Weather. Band of Skulls are one to watch.