Rock Your Facebook Off!

Songster is sending out Backstage Passes to an invite only Beta launch.

Despite the proliferation of casual social games, none have offered players value that transcends the virtual game into a tangible creation…until now. Mowgli’s first game, Songster, will allow players to create something real, something players can take outside the game – damn good music.

In addition to the creation aspects of the game, Songster players will follow a compelling storyline of a fledging musician working their way up through the ranks of the music industry. From playing gigs at frat houses and proms to launching a worldwide arena tour, players make great music while leveling up through the game.  Songster allows users to post songs they’ve created to friends’ walls, encouraging gamers to spread the word just as they would a new hit song.

Songster’s innovation of the “Song Pack” enables anyone, regardless of musical knowledge or talent, to create a compelling song. Marshall Seese, Jr., Founder and CEO of Mowgli, said: “I looked around the gaming industry and saw what folks like Zynga were doing with FarmVille, and it seemed for as much money as they were making people were not getting something of much value in return.”

Mowgli was launched in Atlanta in 2010 by Marshall Seese, Jr. and Adam Kunz out of a desire to change the quality of games you play online. While there are already big names in social gaming like Zynga and Playfish, there is still ample space in this burgeoning market for games that bring something unique to the table. Currently, any value a player receives from an existing game is locked within the game itself. Let’s face it: a FarmVille farm will never become a real farm.

During the beta phase, players can sign up for a “Backstage Pass” at

For more information on Mowgli and Songster visit