What do you do when the usual prescription of drinks-in-a-bar doesn’t quite cut it anymore? Or when you are tired of drunk wankers? Or if you are looking for good vibes and happy people? You go to Jawdance.

Jawdance at RichMix, Wednesday 25st January 2012

Open mic (get there by 6.30pm to sign up in time), features performers (they’ve proved their worth at previous performances and are thus given a full 10 minute run on the mic) and short movies (look up Thick Richard’s “The sun has got its hood up”, immediately) are spread over the evening and glued together by an MC – last Wednesday’s (not overly) Christmas special was hosted by GrEEDS.

Huge applause for the Open Mic-ers, which included Anthony Fairweather, David Lee Morgan, Edward Unique, Victoria-Anne Bulley, Peter Hayhoe, Jazzman John Clarke, JL, Ashley-Yin Karriem, Jemilea Wisdom, Emeka RD, Chris Windle, Amro Shaaeldin, Tracy Sacla, Cecilia Delatori, as well as my good self, whose first Jawdance experience it was.

The features performers of the evening would rival any established stand-up comedian. These guys not only had delivery and presence, but some gorgeous rhymes, each incredibly distinct from each other. Expect a lot more great stuff to come from Jade Anouka, Amy McAllister, Errol McGlashan and Christian Watson.

The love and encouragement from the audience was truly special. First timers and veterans alike, Jawdance attracts all ages, nationalities and styles: from finger-giving tirades to our shambles of a government, to dirges for wasted relationships; from Christmas parodies to odes of love for London. Every soul deserves to have his or her performance praised in detail. Every soul brought something special to the night. Every soul made you wish you had something they had.

How wonderful to afterwards be able to chat to and congratulate each person and discuss each other’s work. How touching to be told how someone else enjoyed your poem.  How amazing to be able to connect in such a way with strangers… a rare thing in our gargantuan city.

RichMix provides a comfortable and welcoming venue. It has all the snug and security of a sitting room with the cutting edge and cool of the surrounding Shoreditch. Get down to the next Jawdance on Wednesday 25th January 2012. Oh, and it’s free!