Teenage Bad Girl Backwash

And the final entry of my Top 5 Best Albums of 2011 is…. druuuuumroooolllllll… Teenage Bad Girl! The duo from France emerged during the golden era of French Touch 2.0, A.K.A. French Kiss, circa 2007. They are pure electro children and many questioned how they would evolve as the genre was fading around 2010.

Well, Backwash is their take on music as a whole, a real tour de force of what they can achieve by manipulating machines and synths. Somehow, they achieved to mix most genres with their very own electro style. You want electro-pop? Keep Up With You. You want electro-rap? Jumping Judas. You want electro-techno? The Wave. You want electro-boogie? Boogie Toy. I could go on like that with all 12 songs that compose this album. In a nutshell, Teenage Bad Girl released one of the most audacious and varied electronic album of 2011, for us to enjoy!

I selected Keep Up With You as an introduction to the album. As catchy as it gets!