At the moment I am staying with my dad in Wandsworth until I can move into my boyfriend’s flat in Blackheath. Dad’s place is an apartment on the sixth floor of a large ex-council tower block in Wandsworth. It overlooks some a beautiful converted Victorian asylum and the iconic Battersea power station.

He hasn’t lived alone for at least twenty years now and it looks like he’s forgotten how to make a house a home. He is so useless that there are no cupboards, drawers or hooks on the doors. Worse still, there’s a fire alarm that needs its battery replacing, so every 45 seconds it beeps.

Moving back in with the parents is always frustrating as it’s a loss of your independence. Fortunately it’s only for a month. But even so, I have to walk an extra 20 minutes to get anywhere because the block is between train stations and on a notoriously slow and inefficient bus route.

At least this is serving as some real motivation for me to get a job because I am finding it difficult spending many of my waking hours in the flat. To access the internet I have to connect my laptop to a cable on a small desk. Then the connecting chair gives me back aches after sitting on it for more than ten minutes.

So, I go to the library instead. Fortunately at the library I feel too guilty to watch television shows. Plus I’m sure that I’d get kicked off the computers if I did. So I search for jobs and get work done as and when it arrives. But I’m still finding it difficult making the jump from intern to full time reporter.

I am just hitting puberty as a writer. I’m keen to get going but I still need a helping and guiding hand from the elders to keep me on the straight and narrow. What I really need to do is to find my niche market. I’d really like for it to be something property and décor-related, but right now I’ll take anything.