So, the end of the year calls for lists! Here is my Top 3 albums of the year, in no particular order. It’s fair to say 2011 has been a magnificent year for music, especially electronic. Many great artists have released long-awaited début albums (Sebastian & Surkin to name a few) while others got much anticipated follow-up albums out. My Top 3 is a bit special because I chose 3 artists who somehow took everyone by surprise because they were expected somewhere and ended up in a completely different direction, taking everyone by surprise.

The best example of this was probably the much-anticipated sophomore album Audio, Video, Disco from French duo Justice. Described by themselves as medieval and stadium-rock tailored music, the opus is galaxies away from their dancefloor killer debut album Cross. The duo compares the two albums saying that Cross was made for the night and the clubs while Audio, Video, Disco was made for the day and nature, which in a way sums up very well the two antinomic albums.

Horsepower opens the album and after an epic intro and sounds like Gaspard and Xavier unleashing the dogs of war. I chose to stream Canon, my favourite track of the album!