Art Vs. Science - The Experiment

The third choice of my Top 3 albums of 2011: Art Vs. Science début album The Experiment. A well-chosen name because the 13 songs that compose the LP are all about experimenting. Prog-Rock, Electro-Rock, Futuristic music, whatever you call it, Art Vs. Science’s music is definitely out of norms. But beyond the genre itself, it’s probably the energy that comes out of the album that makes it special. All of the songs are energetic, sometimes a bit stupid, simple and complex at the same time. They remind me a bit of Nirvana in some ways, it might be the careless attitude. I saw the Aussie trio earlier this year at a festival and their performance was mind-blowing. Despite being a young act, Art Vs. Science behave like rockstars, chugging a beer during the bridge of a song.

I chose Magic Fountain as an introduction to The Experiment. The 5 minute-long jam, told as a tale, is pure raw energy. Careful, not for the faint!