My fellow music lovers, like most of us know The Maccabees have been very lazy and have taken forever to get anything new out in the last couple of years. But their latest offering is definately worth the wait.

“Pelican” is the first track released from their up and coming album “Given To The Wild”. The track itself is packed with everything we love about The Maccabees, a catchy happy style of indie music, with soft singing by Orlando Weeks it will get you bursting with excitement for the 9th January when the album comes-a-knocking.

For those of you who don’t know The Maccabees here’s a bit about them, they were formed in Brighton after meeting at university there, and have not looked back since. They live in London and since having continued success with their previous two albums “Colour It In”, and “Wall Of Arms” they have never needed to consider a ‘real job’, and we are all very greatful.

This video for Pelican was released yesterday and i hope you enjoy it. I love this track “Pelican” and cant wait for the album.

If you want to find out more about The Maccabees go here