I wish I could claim the rights on finding this great track, but I can’t.  All I did is grab the iTunes Indie Spotlight Free Download this week.  It was a sort of mindless download- I didn’t preview the song but figured it’d be good.  Hearing the first few notes today in the car was all it took for me to get hooked.  The breathy, soothing vocals of Korey Dane and Tess Shapiro are enchanting in a sort of The-Civil-Wars-meets-Ray-Lamontagne kind of way.  The thing I love most about this track is how it makes me feel like it’s a hot, dusty afternoon somewhere in the Deep South and I’m sitting on a porch, lounging in rocking chair.  Maybe that doesn’t make sense… but maybe, just maybe, if you give it a listen, it will do the same for you- take you away from this chilly December weather!

This song is off of the Long Beach, CA sextet’s second album, Loomer, which you can grab on their website:



Much love,