As Christmas approaches really fast and New Years follows not too far behind, I wanted to write a special article. An article that I have been developing in my mind for a couple of months now, but barely had time to write. An article about everything we miss every day because we are so into one idea, or work, or a relationship.

Not until a couple of days ago, I realized that I wasn’t living, I was only dreaming.

Each one of us has different dreams, plans, and goals in our life. Some people aim for that one job they want in their life, others aim for finding that special someone, others aim for seeking a journey dedicated to God, and others don’t even know what they want in their life yet.

Sometimes we are carried into only achieving this one idea, this one goal, and we forget to see what is next us.

– We forget to Live. We forget to Love. We forget to Laugh –

We talk about Love, and all we can think sometimes is having that special someone, but about our friends? What about our family? What about the people that cares about us?

We talk about Living, and all we can think is about achieving our goals, but what about everything that is happening around us when we are not looking?

We talk about Laughing, and all we can think of is a joke. What about every time we smile to our friends? to our family? Laughing is not only about a telling joke, is about every time we go out and breathe too.

Are we really living our life experiences to their fullness?

I have heard all the time “Live every day of your life like it was the last one” but i truly didn’t understand it till now. It wasn’t just about smiling all the time, or being happy 24 hours. It was understanding everything that we have, and everything we miss because we are not looking.

When was the last time you truly have a great moment with your family without looking at your smartphone every 5 minutes?

When was the last time you say thank you to mom and dad for supporting you, for giving you food and shelter, for giving you an education?

When was the last time you were hanging out without thinking of tomorrow?

When was the last time you actually thanked your friends just for simply be there for you?

Friends and Family, are not just there for you just because you the all mighty “YOU”.  As every single relationship in your life they need care and love, they need nurturing.

How many of you in the road of being independent move out your parents’ house and break all kind connection with them?

How many of you got into a “love” relationship, and forget completely about your friends until you break up with that “special” person?

How many of you have taken for granted what you have?

Don’t wait for miracles to happen, when you have the power to make them happen. Don’t cry a river and embrace pain when you have the power to apologize or make other people’s pain go away.

Attract love, by giving love.

Be thankful for what you have.

Life is not about finding the perfect job or perfect couple; it is about everything else that happens when you are walking toward your goals.