This weekend’s drink comes from the great people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which is the home of America’s actual first Thanksgiving and the mother of numerous states including, Kentucky. Bourbon and Ginger Ale mixed in a glass (or red plastic cup) over ice is the perfect drink for the autumn in the South, and Virginians tend to do this best. Sorry, Kentuckians, but your State is not actually in the “Real South”. Plus, Virginia’s locally produced Virginia Gentleman Bourbon and Northern Neck Ginger Ale mix so well that it’s as if they were made for each other, which may not be that far from the truth. Yes, Kentucky may make some really “posh” Bourbons, which can be had on their own or mixed with some Schweppes, but that’s not the point. As you consume large quantities of America’s official spirt from the makeshift bar on the drop-down tailgate of your 4×4, why not make it an all Virginia affair? After all, the ham’s probably from their anyway!

Bourbon and Ginger:  Mix equal(ish) parts Bourbon and Ginger Ale in a cup over ice. Garnish with a slice of Lime as required.