Good Evening Everyone!

Tonight I’ll be talking about the CTN Animation Expo, which took place at the Animation Capital of the World: Burbank, CA.

This was my first time attending to the event, and I have to say that it worth every single penny. If you are an animator, filmmaker, or a student of fine arts, then this is one of those events that you need mark in your calendar and attend every year. 

Companies such Sony Pictures Animation, Sony Imageworks, Disney Animation Studios, Disney Toon Studios, Disney Television, Digital Domain, Reel FX, Rhythm and Hue, were just some of those worth mentioning that attended to the event. Moreover, artists from all around the USA joined the event such as Bobby Chiu (character designer from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland) , Brittney Lee and more.

Besides the typical booths where hundred of people walked around to have the demo reels checked, the Expo also had thousands of workshops, speakers and panels to see. Like I said before, this is one those experiences that you don’t want to miss.

I had the opportunity to follow Sony all the way through the Expo, getting an exclusive look of Sony’s Arthur Christmas, which is MUST watch in 3D. In addition to that, I had the honor to speak with the directors, producers, executives and other representatives about everything from their new animation films to the upcoming Spider Man. It was a really rewarding experience taking about the new Spider Man trailer with the person who actually created it.

Digital Domain Media Group showed us the artwork of their first upcoming animation film. For those of you who don’t know Digital Domain, they are an award-winning company in charge of the visual effects in many Hollywood films such as Real Steel, X-Men, Tron and more.

The CTN was filled of workshops on concept, visual development, how to pitch a story, the do and don’t for demo reels and exclusive speakers such as Don Bluth!

People from all the around the USA: student, artists and followers joined together for this one amazing event to expand their networking and create new friendships.

While Sony took advantage of the event, Disney didn’t fall up behind wrapping up the Expo with a special private screening at Disney Studios for only a few selected people. Let me tell you this, they have the own sophisticated movie theater, much better than AMC or IMAX.

We watched their new short “LORENZO” ( amazing short) alongside “Pre and Landing” and the new Christmas episode of Disney’s favorite Phineas and Ferb. The theater was wrapped for Disney fans, and representatives all excited about the presentation. 

At the end of the night, we were given free mugs, blu-rays ( I got a copy of CARS 2), candies and postcards for free! – YEP, DISNEY KNOW HOW TO MAKE US HAPPY.

This is truly one of the events that don’t want to miss in the near future, specially if you are pursuing a career in the entertainment industry! –

That is all for tonight folks,