Plastic shoes. Amazing design. AGIHK tried on some Melissa shoes to have a little tour and see how it felt. Those were actually not AGIHK’s first pair – she used to have one she managed to destroy after years of biking to university under the Florence rain. They looked like that [below] and she misses them a whole lot!


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The website of the brand is quite confusing: blogs, magazine, academy, microsites and no history of the brand really… But if you do your homework you find out that Melissa is a pioneer brand and a beacon to fashion when it comes to the designing of shoes. Hence it has always pursued the new. Even in the very beginning, in 1979, when it was released in Brazil. That was when the Grendene brothers decided to shift their packaging industry towards fashion. And they DID! From Gaetano Pesce through Vivienne Westwood, Melissa seeks for inspiration in art, architecture, Asia, paintings and industrial design, if you look at the style designed by the Campana Brothers.





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For example now they are working on the concept of “Time” and is the most abstract subject Melissa has ever worked with. And the creation and marketing teams accepted the challenge exactly because of the strength and truth of its meaning. Fashion and design help to define, contextualize, and explain the times we live in. Since the 90’s, for example, stylists have remixed and reedited silhouettes and forms of the twentieth century (which was then called revivalism), but using current materials, thanks to technology. The same is true for design. And, therefore, for Melissa. What time is it for Melissa? Every time is time for Melissa.





But all the names of the collections are to enjoy:  Melissa Wanting,  Melissa Dreaming, Melissa Fealing, Melissa Kissing… From flats to heels to alien’s style. For an acceptable price, finally. You can download Melissa’s magazine on their site – to read about Vivienne Westwood etc. etc. Enjoy shopping at Polyvore! 

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