Call it a Cuba Libre or just a Rum and Coke, but for God’s sake never ever make a drink using Pepsi! Ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh; your dog may like Pepsi mixed in his water bowl.

The Cuba Libre is, however, one of perfect uses for that beverage created by the fine people at the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, excluding the United States where the “Corn Lobby” has ruined the stuff, it is the consistency of the Coke that allows a character of a Rum to express itself. Rum, Coke, ice, and a slice of lime makes for a simple drink, so any differences in the featured ingredient become blatantly obvious after the first sip. Now, some purist (read: douche bags) may say that Rum is like Whiskey; one has to taste it on its own to appreciate it. This is utter bollocks, Rum has too much residual sugar to be that subtle. This is the drink of Pirates and Her Majesty’s Navy, not some old man sitting in the leather club chair in the bay window of his oak-paneled study. The only similarity between a Cuba Libre and a nice Scotch is that they both complement a fine cigar, so light up that Churchill and drink a few Rum and Cokes. The combination of a good “rum drunk” and a nicotine buzz maybe one of life’s greatest joys.

The Cuba Libre: Mix Rum and Coke over Ice; garnish with a slice of Lime. Drink and repeat these steps in the same glass until suitably drunk.