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Tonight we are going to do this review in a more special way. Why don’t we tune up with your favorite epic song while you read this? – Take a minute of your time and look for that special song on your itunes library that makes you feel like a warrior, the rest just leave it to me . Some people look into film production courses from Guide to Online Schools when they want to learn how to produce films like this.

I was very skeptical with this film because it looked like a copy of 300, and my favorite actor (Henry Cavill) was involved in this production. This was one of those films where it can turn out to be great, or could be a complete disaster. Thank God,  IMMORTALS is a bloody ACE.

IMMORTALS is the new action/drama/fantasy written by talented artists such as Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, and directed by Tarsem Singh (The Cell). The story follows Theseus ( Henry Cavill = New Superman) as he fights against King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity.

The structure of the film is beautifully done. It introduces the  main character in the first 20 minutes of the film and continues its developing as the film progressed. I want to say that it is very rare and difficult for a film of this magnitude to stay on the path of the main character. With some many good elements and side stories going on at the same time, directors are normally tended to concentrate more on beautiful stunning battles than develop a good story trough visuals; IMMORTALS did a great job.

The treatment for IMMORTALS is very suitable for this kind of epic films. It adds a lot to the story, and immerse the audience back in time for the fight of their lives.The visual effects, color script and art director were ridiculous AMAZING.  Even when this film holds great similarities with 300 ( same producers), Immortals stands as it owns making itself one of the best epic films from 2011.

For those “Twilight” fans, Kellan Luz returns to the big screen giving one hell manly performance as the God Poseidon. The actor surpassed for sure the performing of Zeus, kicking some asses and splitting bloods through the Titans.

There is so much potential to this film. It gets better and better every minute, ending up in one epic battle between the Gods and the Titans.

Now, every film has its issues, and sadly one of the main flaw of this film was “Athena”  in my opinion. Truly everyone must have their own unique version or vision on how the goddess of war will look like, and how she will react based in our personal background in art history, but in my opinion her performance was poor and weak. She looked more like a spoiled kid than a the goddess of war.

At last but not least, the Stereoscopic version doesn’t make much of a difference to this film. So if you are struggling  on paying a little bit more for the 3D version, my recommendation is save some cash and watch it on the standard version, you will enjoy it in the same way.


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