Not all singers can act, and not all actors can sing, but Justin Timberlake somehow makes the exception. Running for “time” next the beautiful and talented Amanda Seyfried, Timberlake proves ones again that he is more than a pop singer in the new sci-fi action thriller “In Time”. Accredited online colleges are an option for learning about film production for those of you who would like to make films like this.

The new sci-fi film written, directed and produced by Andrew Niccol ( Lord of War, The Truman show) brings a fresh and original story where people stop aging at 25 years old, and where “time” is the new currency; if you run out it, you die.

In Time posses for sure one the most unique stories that I have seen in the whole year.  The Art direction and the color script are impressive, and the performances of the actors are well done.

Alex Pettyfer (the former “I’m number four”) returns to the big screen, but this time as an antagonist; head of the gangsters in town – I have to say that after his weak performance in “I’m number four” he has grown up exponentially as an actor and looking more professional than ever. 

Besides the performance of Pettyfer, I was surprised to see Olivia Wilde (Tron, Cowboys vs Aliens) as the 50 years old mother of Salas (Justin Timberlake)  – keeping her sexy body – It was quite funny to see these two characters playing mom and son, and kind of bizarre at the same time.

Even when the film has some cliché moments, the only issue that actually bugged me was the ending in terms of the story and character development.   What it starts with a unique and fresh story ends up with some sort of Mr and Mrs. Smith (Brad Pitt – Angeline Jolie) type of thing.

If you really want to see something out of the ordinary this weekend, go to the movies and watch it, you will not regret it.

That’s all for tonight sidekicks!