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Tonight I will keep the fantasy apart from this particular review and write you not from “Nightwing” but from the young man behind Nightwing.

I’ve been traveling the world in order to learn, to see, to live. As a filmmaker/animator/screenwriter I look everyday for a story that hasn’t been told or for something new that is out there, unreached, unknown.

The entertainment industry that embraces us nowadays is transforming more and more into something completely different from what was originally created to be. We, artist, creators from our imagination, were supposed to bring stories that somehow connected our audience with our ideas and dreams. Sadly, we are moving into a world where it is all about money, where stories are completely weak, where it is all about visuals and good looking actors.

But, how do you know when a film is really a FILM?

Well, as fantasy as it may sound, you will know when. It is that particular moment when you feel that you have left your sit at the movie theater, and became part of the story. When you feel the happiness, pain or sadness of the characters. When you jump off your sit in joy for their accomplishments, and when you curse their enemies and obstacles. 

REAL STEEL is exactly that, it invites you to be a part of the story.  Real Steel is a story about dreams, courage, family and love. You may be thinking, “I thought it was about boxing robots”, and yeah it’s about robots but at the same time is about YOU. John Gatins (writer) and Shawn Levy (director) bring you one of those unique stories that will resonate with you somehow, maybe with your family or maybe with yourself finding that unique skill that makes you strong as steel. 

I could give you a professional detail review of this film, but i believe i will be giving away the magic of it. This is one of the movies that you don’t want to miss. A movie that it worth going to the theaters and at the same time the kind of movie that you need grab when it comes on dvd/blu-ray.

“If you’ve got one shot. Make it Real” – Real Steel

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