Not all fragrances are the same, and many times when reading about new releases it seems really complicated to capture the essence of a smell. Adjectives are rich, words are complicated, juxtaposition confusing. So how do you pick a perfume by reading about it? AGIHK will try to make you discover one fragrance she really enjoyed smelling.


First of all AGIHK smelled it because of the brand: Maison martin Margiela. As it reads on the press release: “In a break with the spirit of the time, the designer of Maison Martin Margiela concealed himself behind a collective name in order to give prominence to the work of the group. He reinforced this gesture by claiming anonymity, both as a reaction to the status of “star designer” and through a desire to focus on the garment. No published photographs”. This if you know the fashion world is already SOMETHING.


Second SOMETHING: the sovereign power of the logo is also torpedoed. 




So how is Untitled L’Eau from Maison Martin Margiela?

Fresh, crisp, green, to wear with a white shirt, sparkling- you can smell it at lunch time and still enjoy it. Sicilian mandarin and lemon, mint. Burst of citrus zests, unisex and yet sexy. Infact the intention behind line 3, which will include all house fragrances, is to completely transcend the standard offering and current trends on the market.




“For us, it was an obvious choice. (untitled) l’eau proceeded naturally from (untitled), the first house perfume. I concentrated on refreshing coolness, allowing nothing to detract from its intensity. I simply took the existing fragrance and drenched it in green and citrus notes, making it even more invigorating, light and airy while adding an element of mystery,” remarks the perfumer Daniela Andrier.


You will like it and you should try it – also to finally wear a fragrance that not everybody knows. Be the first to do something.


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