Here is what I deciphered from the film: 

“Puss in Boots” is the newest animation film produced by Dreamworks having Antonio Banderas once again bringing life to the beloved “Puss”.

Having the opportunity to watch the film on the company (Dreamworks) screening before it was realized to the public a couple of weeks ago was one of the best experiences I ever had so far, yet I have to say that I was kind of skeptical of the success of the film before watching it.

Taking out a character from a well know franchise such a Shrek and try to create its own film is a formula that doesn’t always works well, such as Disney’s Tinkerbell franchise. [Yes, they continue on doing more and more, but they are based on merchandise and marketing demographic. ( Kids = Toys = Money) ]

Getting back to Puss in Boots, the film is amazing. Not only it has a solid story that makes it shines asides from Shrek, but it brings a whole new level of grace and entertainment. The well combination between Spanish and English quotes thought the film is a plus, contributing to the cross-culture vision and the diversity of ideas.

The animation is excellent executed following the 12 principles of animation such as overlapping action, timing, squash and stretch between others, embracing to the rich textures of their of their characters. 

The Stereoscopic of the film is astonished. I hadn’t enjoyed a movie in 3D since Kung Fu Panda 2; the 3d adds to the film rather than deceive the audience.

My Recommendation: GO GO GO! Watch it on 3D or regular version. This is one of the movies that it will worth every single cent of your ticket!

That’s all for tonight sidekicks!