OK, so this has already been plugged in another blog, but Barchick is just an awesome app. Instead of debating about where to go for an evening (afternoons and mornings if you really want to get into it), you can with the touch of a finger find the perfect bar for your current circumstances/location. There’s no more endless debating, winding up in some crap/overpriced tourist trap, or excuses to not try someplace new. Needless to say, we’re big fans, and did we mention that it’s free… Yes, really useful, free, and enabling our probable alcoholism: all things we look for in an app. In fact, Barchick is currently on the “booze” page of one of our editor’s iPhones, right next to r u drunk and Mixology, and that’s about a good a recommendation as any we know, since he’s also our drinks columnist! Download Barchick; it’s really quite good, totally free, and our inaugural App of the Week.