The Hot Toddy is another one of those drinks for which there are a number of variations. Should you make it with tea, water, or apple cider? What whisk(e)y should I use? Does it need honey, sugar, a lemon slice, or just some cinnamon? Well, there is no single right answer to this dilemma: The Scots use whisky, water, honey, and a lemon slice, yet the Americans call spiced apple cider and bourbon a Hot Toddy. The English fall somewhere in the middle with the use of tea. However, since we at Drink of the Week(end) tend not to really care about these things, we’ll call ourselves ingredient agnostics. Frankly this may be due to the fact that most Hot Toddies are consumed either as cold remedies before bed or in an Apres Ski setting, and some of us tend to start that around mid-day, which tends to make one not really care what the hell you’re drinking come sundown. Cheap booze, some sort of fruit, and serving it all hot are really the only things we tend to desire in a Hot Toddy, but here are the various “proper” recipes:

Scottish: mix hot water, whisky, and honey in a hot beverage glass. Garnish with a lemon slice.

English: mix tea, any variety of whisk(e)y, and honey in a hot beverage glass. Garnish with a lemon slice.

American: mix hot apple cider or hot water with honey and bourbon in what is called an Irish Coffee glass. Add cinnamon to taste or garnish with a cinnamon stick; a lemon slice can be used as well.