My breath has been really taken away by the 2012 spring/summer Prada show happened at Via Fogazzaro during the Milan Fashion Week.

I wouldn’t say if I hadn’t been there, but trust me on this one; there was an unbelievably huge crowd gathered together hours before the show that night in Milan, where- you can imagine- every single photographer was doing nothing but trying to take the coolest and most unique pictures about the great looks in the fashion world. Forty -one models presented forty-one outfits of the brand Prada that has made the world change its vision of Italy.

The well-presented collection definitely reminded us of the 60s, especially the summer wears and the matching sunglasses. If you told me to describe with one single word how this new collection feels, I would say: cutecute and cute. The pleated skirts, the colorful tube tops, the spaceship-shaped shoes, and the mannish-look jackets are the biggest shots the designer came up with for us for the coming season.

All the biggest supermodels like Valeria Kelava, Pat McGrath, Abbey lee Kershaw showed up on the stage. Twenty minutes before the start Anna Wintour arrived as well with her assistant just to take a quick look first what was going on at the backstage and then to watch Milan’s biggest fashion event from the closest seat.

The backstage was a real madhouse as you can imagine. Just a few minutes before the show actually got started the models were still running up and down naked; the beauty team was working like crazy on the finishing touches to make every detail as perfect and fabulous as you can expect from Prada. Just for the note the Hungarian top model Kinga Rajzak’s skirt has to be sewed in last-minute before she happened to walk out to the stage. Before you would think anything had gone wrong I got to tell you, no worries, think twice; with director Russel Mursh in charge and his super professional team there was absolutely no reason to worry about any possible mistake. And let me tell you, there was none, it was all perfection! I’m certain the new collection got the world’s fashion stylists and they can’t wait to use the newest Prada pieces for the upcoming shootings. These pieces are not just cute but awesome indeed. Miuccia Prada, you did it again!

photos: Bianka Ozsvath

-Bianka Ozsvath