Not many people know that the Macintosh computer was almost named the Bicycle. Its creator, Steve Jobs, came up with this title as a symbol of what the modern-day MacBook represents: a complex machine that is completely user-friendly and controlled by people. This kind of creative imagery is rare and is perhaps what makes Jobs such an inspiration to many.

The recent death of Apple’s founding father has left my peers and I questioning what comes next? In a time of creative and innovative independence, Jobs created a freedom for my generation that proves with the right knowledge and determination, anyone can be a great entrepreneur. Being one of the greatest gatekeepers of technology to ever live, Jobs has opened a range of opportunities for young inventors. When Jobs’ teamed up with his fellow classmate “Woz” in the ’70’s to begin what would be become the greatest common technological use in history, he was nearly 20 years old. In the past 30 years, Jobs has accomplished and conquered many things. A big accomplishment of his was being an advocate for young innovators of technology- or as he sees them, artists. But has his passion to help create a generation of inventors led to a future where “Steve Jobs” precedes “who”? He dedicated years of his life teaching and mentoring youth who wished to follow in his inspiring and successful footsteps. Will guiding these geniuses to create even better products than Apple cause Jobs’ legend to be forgotten about? An even better question, would he care at all? Frankly, I think not.

What Jobs’ taught my generation is more than just the cliche norms like how to follow your dreams. He taught us that your education is not always determined by the grade you get, or what tassel you graduate with. Well, in Jobs case, if you graduate at all. It is about the lessons you learn when you spend time with your father in the garage, and most importantly when you make a revolution out of a hobby. He also taught us to find beauty from pain, even when it seems impossible. It is no secret that Jobs’ was fired from Apple, the company he co-founded, and was left jobless for months. After being publicly humiliated, Jobs’ later moved on to find the love of his life, created a new business, and was welcomed back to Apple with an entirely new knowledge of the world than he had previously.

Despite all the things that Steve Jobs has taught my generation and society as a whole, he has taught me that my youth is valuable, and I am in a position everyday to change the world. Who cares if I fail a test, or skip a class? In the end it is not about you, but what you do. I do not think that he would want to be remembered as someone who was famous, but as someone who made a difference. So I leave you with a thought that Jobs’ made famous in 2005- “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. I have always wished that for myself. And now, as you begin anew, I wish that for you”.