I apologize for going all political in this blog, but the images over the past few days of hooded thugs setting alight peoples’ cars with their Molotov cocktails has made me feel sick to my stomach. My sympathy towards these motorists for whom their only “crime” was to have their hard earned property within the path of some feckless thugs knows no bounds. Locke’s natural rights of Life, Liberty, and Property (you know those codified in the Bill of Rights of 1689, the breach of which caused a group of wealthy property owning Englishmen who lived in the colonies to exercise their right to bear arms for their defense as suitable by their class–also in that Bill of Rights thing- against a King and a Parliament who were in their opinion the violators of their own –well what passes for one- constitution) are apparently no longer sacred, and that is utterly disgusting. These yobs and their backers in the halls of power (those so-called “liberals” who don’t hold any actual liberal ideals- have they even read Locke’s Second Treatise on Government?) have stripped away and utterly violated the rights of the majority towards their own political and personal gain. The 17th century papists who did the same thing to the Protestant majority were eventually overthrown in the Glorious Revolution, and the modern basis of all Common Law constitutions were codified into the Bill of Rights of 1689 (where have I read that before).

What these heathens have done is attack those who hold them in contempt and doom them to lives of failure (that would be the Champagne Socialists), but rather they have literally bitten the hand that feeds them. The hard working, tax-paying middle classes are under attack on both sides; the underclass are destroying their property and society, and the political upper classes are robbing them blind through unjust taxes and over-regulation whilst also destroying their property and society. The Upper Class of old had to do what was best for the people and their country out of their own selfish self-interest, for if they didn’t they would be poor and landless themselves. Now there is more of a disconnect between the political elite and their employers (the tax payers) than there is between the electronic throttle and a gutless inline-four in a modern Toyota.  On both sides of the Atlantic we see governments beholden to the interests of non-taxpayers, be they mainly offshore corporate entities or the “victims” of the modern Welfare State.


Those were not the cars of the offshore elite that were set ablaze; no, those are safely garaged. The little bastards torched the modest cars of those forced to park on the street (which they pay to maintain with their road tax and have to pay quite a bit for the privilege to park upon it) and the patrol cars of the police who’s apparent job it is to protect them and all of the public. You know the kind of cars (along with most modern German luxury cars) about which I would normally not a good review, but I know the pride of ownership each of those car owners must have felt. I’ve had a couple of crap cars in my youth, but they were all I had. It pained me to see any harm come of my car, and a small scratch by some careless asshole could sent me into a real fit of rage. Some thug is very lucky that I did not catch him brake into my nice car to steal the sat nav, which led to two months in various shit-box rental cars, replacement leather seats that don’t quite match on color, a rattle in the dash, and a right-side automatic window that somehow thinks there is a finger stuck at the top. Since the crime happened on private property in America -and it was apparent that a weapon (an axe) was used to enter the car-, I would have been within my rights to confront and if necessary shoot the motherfucker. No wonder there is less property crime in America! An Englishman’s home (read property) used to be his castle, but now in England and Wales there is legal duty to retreat from a confrontation (like the French always do). Now, these vermin are standing behind this false idea of “human rights,” well let them try! Better yet, send them to Texas, tell them about how easy it is cattle rustle, and then dispatch a C-17 from Brize Norton to pick up the pieces, because that would be all that’s left of the little shits.