Agirlinhongkong met Sifr founders almost before the blog was born. Their brand’s philosophy: “Inspired by the intricacy & finesse that goes into crafting: iconic architecture, music, furniture, art and so forth” captured my attention. They engineer products/garments/ideas/concepts to fit into a more discerning way of life.


The point of interviewing them was not only to talk about garments, for that you can (and should) visit their siteand their blog, then you can shop those amazingly simple and therefore fascinating pieces. (Just like their artisan footwearwhich is now available for sale).  

What I asked Chris and Suraj was to tell me more about Singapore, where to go and what to do – because of Sifr creativity and philosophy, well could we not trust them?? 

Tell me your favourite art galleries in Singapore… 

Sifr Founders: Singapore Tyler Print Institute is a great location to start exploring the banks of the Singapore River. Excellently curated ongoing exhibitions and a wide selection of prints from artists around the region and internationally. After viewing space you’ll find yourself walking along one of Singapore’s upcoming neighborhoods.


Vue Privee is located in a cul de sac of beautiful shophouses just off of Singapore’s main shopping district, Orchard road. Upon walking in you’ll find yourself in magical interior space that plays on a contemporary feel over a historically beautiful shell. You’ll find yourself wanting to move into one of the neighboring shop houses.


Where to hang out in Singapore after a looong day? 

Sifr Founders:If you’re looking for a quiet drink with friends I’d suggest Night & Day along Selegie road, a f&b shootoff for an art gallery above, more known for it’s crazy parties before they got shut down by disgruntled neighbors. You’ll find yourself in a space where the walls are adorned with scribbles from drunk patrons. After a drink or two you might find yourself making friends with the bartender. 

Blujazz is a great bar, there aren’t too many places in Singapore that look organic and truthful in their purpose as a watering hole and music venue. The walls are done up by local artists, there’s always a good vibe buzzing in the space and if you’re diligent with your research you’ll arrive during one of their great monthly parties that throw in conjunction with music collectives based in Singapore.


After a drink, if one feels like shopping? 

Sifr Founders: If you’re looking for custom hand built bicycles and rare design books Vangaurd is the store you’re looking for. Tucked away along Roberston Quay after shopping you can cycle over to one of the many bars with a beautiful alfresco setting a cold beer on a warm sunday afternoon. 

Located in one of the oldest parts of town, K.I.N. provides the customer with all things menswear; from brollies and cologne to their very own in house label, sifr. Ask the staff for a good place to eat nearby, some of the oldest and most famous muslim restaurants reside in the area.


 Any particular event held in Singapore we should keep in mind? 

Sifr Founders: WorldWide Music Festival is insane, 15 cutting edge electronic artists over 3 days, the best part is that it doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg. Last year we had the likes of Dam-Funk, Dorian Concept, LeftO, Jazztronik, Giles Peterson, Cosa Nostra among other great music names from all over the world come through and perform. 



Thank you Sifr, good luck with your Spring Summer collection, which I love!