I am sure anyone who ever felt like CREATING something (a cake, writing a book, designing a revolutionary lightbulb?) before starting thinks about the environment. The room, the view, the pencil, the smell – the so called surroundings. Well, I did write a book already but I will start another one soon, and where would I go I was thinking. Where would anyone go? Well, here:

This is La Banane, the place to stay in Saint Barts – the island of the Caribbeans where Colombo did not walk but Rockefeller slept -1950’s – and other pioneers came to sample the island’s delights very soon after him.

These included famous French cabaret owner Jean-Marie Rivière. He had an archipelago of nine bungalows built around his main house which were always open to visiting friends and family and he enclosed the pleasure of spending time with them in a tropical garden. ‘La banane’, Jean-Marie Rivière’s famous cabaret, was performed in an artificial island in the middle of the pool and, like a lingering smile, left its name to the site.

The owner of the hotel today is Jean-Marc Israel – and by looking around you can tell he has assembled a unique collection of furniture. At La Banane sit creations by Charlotte Perriand, lights by Serge Mouille and Jean Royère, and ceramic mirrors by Juliette Derel, among others. Helena Ichbiah and Piotr Karczewski – otherwise known as the duo Ich&Kar – who created the place new visual identity.

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