This edition of 5♥♬ has a genre-bending song from London’s DELS, CFCF cribbing from Bruce Hornsby for a remix, and a doubly-screwed mixtape from Kid Smpl.

DELS – You Live In My Head

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this song, genre-wise. The production is a bit electropoppy, the drums are post-rock kick shuffling, and DELS’s delivery isn’t really rapping. He sounds much more like he’s reciting a poem. The visuals to this video are a mesmerizing ballet of polygons and were actually directed by the artist himself. Look out for DELS’s debut EP November 26th on Big Dada Records.

Yuna – Lullabies (Jim-E-Stack remix)

Jim-E-Stacks absolutely knocks this remix out of the park, tossing in perfect synth blooms and washboard drums. Yuna’s crooning can be rarely improved upon, but that’s just the case with this version of “Lullabies.” Rather than luring you to Dreamland, it lures you to the dancefloor.

LOL Boys – Changes (CFCF remix)

A musician repurposing another artist’s riff can lead to some confusion at the beginning of a song. When I was little, I would always wonder how someone at the radio station had slipped Tupac’s “Changes” into the my parents’ soft rock rotation. Obviously, I hadn’t realized that Tupac had simply sampled Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It is,” but I always got a little spark of excitement when those piano chords came in. CFCF channels that magic here, dropping the same familiar riff on LOL Boys’ “Changes” among some other more subtle touches. Also, it looks like LOL Boys are taking a hiatus and one member of the duo, Markus, is starting to release solo work. Check out his Soundcloud here.

Dreams – Lost Kingdom

“Thug Rave” pioneer Dreams of the 6Bit Collective recently released his EP, Lost Kingdom, and the title track is a good introduction to his sound. It sounds like it was entirely produced by 80s era Roland synthesizers and drum machines but the percussive elements are strongly influenced by the Swishahouse/Diplomats hybrid that’s been popping up everywhere in dance music lately. You can get the whole project for free on label Astronautica’s Bandcamp.

Kid Smpl – LFTF mix

This week’s mixtape selection is yet another from the amazing Live For The Funk series and it’s curated by Seattle producer Kid Smpl. It’s much more downtempo than my usual selections, as it mainly consists of chopped and screwed remixes of post-dubstep electronic artists like Burial and Shlohmo (who themselves often use chopped and screwed vocal samples as the backbone of their compositions). Not a great mix for a gym workout, but a perfect soundtrack for 3AM coming down from a club night.