Hello everyone!

I haven’t written in a long time due to my slight change of interest into cinema technologies and cognitive psychology. If you are wondering how these two relate to each other then I present you: The future! So, many disciplines emerge and create hybrid genres; cinema and virtual reality is definitely one member of the new generation.

Many systems try to converge user with the product and cinema is not far behind. As Oculus VR is taking over like a storm after so many years of its release, researchers try to find ways to engage audience into the cinematic environment that people are immersed in. I know its hard to hard how immersive cinema is considering many aspects of virtual reality’s “reality” however who doesn’t get excited,sad, happy or scared while watching a film? Think about the narrative after you come out from the theatre. Yes, so I do say cinema is immersive yet the presence factor comes into account only in 3D. That is to argue in another post… However, there is a very thin line between a user and audience which needs to be acknowledged. The audience is passive, there is a communication between the film and audience yet there is no input from the audience, there is no contribution into the production that allows them to engage!


That’s our biggest wish….We all say: ‘ I wish I was there’, ‘I wish I had a prince charming’ ,or ‘I wish I was in that cyborg army to defend the world against Martians’. There will soon be a technology to allow audience to join in the scenario and be able to change the narrative, yet still being fixed to a scenario. What do you think? Would you like to be the protagonist of your favorite film?