As some of you might have noticed, I have a very special relationship with food. I like eating it (all the time), I like going to new restaurants and cafes, I like cooking and going to dinner parties, and, mostly, I just like trying new things or already-loved things (over and over again). I’ve been going to a multitude of restaurants and I’ve always been on the look-out for new and exciting items, whether that may be lassies at the Eastern Food Bazaar or imported chocolates or sweeties from Britain.

For the last little while, I’ve been torn about continuing my personal blog as is or changing my direction to a purely food-related one, offering reviews, comments and suggestions on all the different places I go to. But, reluctant to give up my personal writing, I’ve decided against this. Instead, I’ve chosen to start another blog purely dedicated to my love affair with food. So, a very special welcome to I Love Foodies.

The blog goes live this week, so, if you like food as much as I do and are keen to hear about new places in Cape Town – or exciting offerings of food that I create in my kitchen or find at supermarkets – please check it out at I Love Foodies, follow via e-mail, come back for regular updates, and share your stories.