After watching Cloud Atlas, directed by Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer, I have done a lot of thinking. The questions in my head were mostly:

  1. Yes we are already slaves of consumerism yet we still participate in what we choose to be. Is this going to change completely and are we just going to be slaves of capitalism?
  2. Is the prediction true? Is the future of human kind going to be mixed race by 2100?
  3. Are we all going to speak British English?

Okay third one is a joke however the first two is an assumption I came across in many films: Including my last article Catching Fire from Karl Marx’s Eyes. In my last article I have suggested that Hunger Games suggest the two-model class system: the capital and the district. The same ideology is present in Cloud Atlas: the consumers and the servers that are named like objects e.g Sonmi- 451. Now when we take a closer look at the film there are more predictions.

Recently, I have came across the image viewed by National Geographic, the image of an American female in 2050. The image reminded me of Halle Berry, her characters as the Jewish woman.


And this is a picture of  a Neanderthal Woman, named Wilma,  created by National Geographic. It is a life size model and there is a great resemblance to the future look of the women. Question:

1) Is this the life cycle of human beings? Are we going to look like how we used to look like?


I have always known that films lead a lot of scientific innovations and futurist ideas. I believe Cloud Atlas is one of these films that are very accurate with its future predictions. What do you think?