Learning a foreign language is one of the most liberating experiences you can have in life. Not only does it help to broaden one’s world-view, but conversing with the locals on holiday in their native tongue is the way to transform from tourist to traveller in an instant. There really is nothing that can be done to grow more as a person than becoming a polyglot, so studying while you’re still young will give you a head start on living the fullest life possible!


Obviously, there are many languages to learn, and more than one way to study them. Of course, some languages open up entire hemispheres, and others might only have a few thousand speakers. Spanish is definitely the prime example the former, seeing as it’s second only to Mandarin Chinese as the most widely spoken language in the world! It’s definitely the one you want to speak, and leaning Spanish opens up the entire realm of Romance Languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian) to the newly multi-lingual. Of course, Español is rated a Category 1 language, which means it’s also the easiest to learn!

Who wouldn't want to experience the Spanish Language in Alicante?

Who wouldn’t want to experience the Spanish Language in Alicante?

Since it’s obvious that Spanish is the best language to learn, there come the dilemma of how and more importantly where to do this… The how is simple. Studying a language is much easier when you live it. Go abroad, immerse yourself in the culture, the lifestyle and learn by from native speakers. With Spanish being so widely spoken, there the list of where go might seem daunting. However, when it comes to the language and culture of the Hispanosphere, Spain itself looks to be the best option. Learning the mother tongue with an accent understood from Ushuaia to the USA and Ecuador to Equatorial Guinea, means an immersive experience like those of ISC Spain is in you future. It’s like there’s much of a hardship either, since everything from arrival to departure is included, and they offer a variety of great programs. Español and the Spanish way of living are things that have to be experienced first-hand, and spending the summer in sunny Spain isn’t to bad either.