I watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire yesterday..much more politic…much more controversial. The idea of the upper class and lower class but no middle class. Thats Karl Marx’s assumption you see. Without revolting against bourgeoisie, as the upper class gets stronger, the lower class will suffer even more.

That’s the ideology that is also present in the Hunger Games. There is the Capital and the Districts, who are seen as slaves. Each year the President of the Capital runs the game called ‘Hunger Games’ that is very close to the reality television show Survivor, which is broadcasted around the world. The only difference of ‘Hunger Games’ is that the contestant kill each other and whoever survives is the winner. By winning what they get is only imaginary in front of the cameras, in real life they have no difference than the other residents of the districts.

What got my attention even more in this ‘Hunger Game’s is that it took a much more eye-opening and political stance. It’s really a scenario that I believe will take place if public remains silent to government’s anti-freedom laws. The film is brilliantly strutted explaining each element that already exists within our society.

  • TV that makes us believe what we watch is real.
  • A TV show host that is annoyingly happy.
  • A President who controls people by media.

What we don’t have Peta and Katniss. Who are the starters of the revolution. What is depicted very clearly in the film is that there are 2 social classes. No middle class.

A brilliant story, with strong plot twists, a powerful meaning and great visuals. Don’t forget to watch. I know everybody will see the resemblance to the world we live in!