The real face of a corrupt leader

Fascism or communism? Tea Party conservative or Obama progressive? Common terms that are mentioned on the day-to-day political sphere, yet do they actually mean something? If you’re looking for a post about American politics, I must stop you right now and send you elsewhere. For my interest doesn’t lie in American politics, my real interest lies in the politics of the mafia – the kind of political system in which the people that rule a country are dictators in love with power. These rulers portray an image of righteousness to the outside world, but at home they make sure to do the opposite of what they preach. So, as I said my interest is not American Politics, my interests lie in the mafia, corruption, and the sins in politics.

How corruption works

The average citizen is the mafia’s easiest target. They are the ones that are forced to deal with these mafia groups that are exploiting innocent countries for their personal benefit and gains. Some examples of these mafia groups include Hugo Chavez (now deceased) and his Alba group, the Muslim Brotherhood, Putin and his many allies, and others. All these groups share two common traits: first, their obsession for wealth and power; second, the few people part of their group are immune to everything.

The sad truth is that most of the members of these mafia groups started as regular people that wanted to help their countries. But, the minute they tasted power was the minute they forgot about their original intentions and their new mission became the acquisition of more and more power – a desire that can never be fulfilled.

Just like the Godfather ruled the streets of New York City, Corrupt politicians rule their countries…

Since they have all the power and people are not willing to enter a bloodshed to get rid of them, the average citizen is forced to carry on with his life hoping that he won’t get caught in the middle of a power struggle between the opposing powers and the current power. Unfortunately, anything can make you a political target.

Something as simple as being the brother of one of the opposition leaders can make your professional career a living hell – especially if you’re a business owner or very high up in the industrial ladder. An unsubstantial lawsuit, a bribe offer, the possibilities are endless. It’s all about control; and, if in order to stop your brother (the opposition leader) from continuing his political fight against them, they must attack your business, you will be hurt. Thus by sharing blood, you’ve committed a political sin and you must pay the price.

Another sin a regular person can commit is having been part of a political group in his youth. Even though now he is just a regular businessperson, his past can and will be used against him.

Some may wonder, if it’s really as bad as I’m portraying it, why are there still flourishing businesses in these nations? The answer is very simple: look at the shareholders of these businesses or the agreements that these businesses make. Chances are that one of the main shareholder’s is the one of the members – or closely associated with one of the members – of the ruling power or every year these corporations pay a large sum of money in order to protect the business. Whatever the method used, these businesses are not as transparent as they seem. They end up playing the political game, as a way of survival and breaking one of the golden rules in business – Never mix Politics and Business.

Money makes the world go round…

The rule of law in these countries is basically nonexistent. The systems are corrupt, but in order to stay in power and not attract the attention of the international community, they’ve managed to change the law in a way that allows corruption to be legal. And, the local media is the tool used to reinforce that image.

It’s all about power and control. Fear is the strongest weapon that these mafia groups have. They keep everyone under control by implanting the idea that they are powerless against a system that is supposed to protect them.