2 Broke Girls, starring Kat Dennings (‘Max’) and Beth Behrs (‘Caroline’), could be one of the most underrated shows out there – at least among my friends. I see people tweeting, facebooking, blogging, writing etc. about all other TV Shows – whether it is Top Gear, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, or Dexter. Yes, that is because they are dramas and evoke a lot of emotions, but why don’t we discuss what makes us laugh? I admit, I am a fan of all the aforementioned TV shows. Even so, I know for sure that the TV show 2 Broke Girls will provide me with the laughter and relaxation I need to unwind after a long day at work.

A ‘Max-ism’ for you, “On Social Media”:


The storyline?

2 girls (talk about polar opposites!) take on New York by working in a run-down diner while trying to maintain a horse, their flailing cupcake business, and each other. Oh, and you can even keep up to date with the latest news/pop culture alongside the crude jokes and racist stereotypes which are constantly inserted between every 3 words.

Crude? Racist? Yes, I know…this wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea, but somehow this TV show just makes me burst out laughing – and I’m actually laughing out loud, guffawing, snorting, howling even. Tell me you don’t burst out laughing here:

The humor is packed tight in each 20-minute episode. At the end of each episode, viewers get to see how much money the 2 girls have in total, when a cash register “cha-ching!” is sounded to announce an addition or deduction. You feel the joy whenever their total goes up, and definitely feel the hole in your pocket when their total decreases (especially if it is a negative figure!).

I think the best part is, aside from all the giggles, that it sheds light on what crazy things people do to stay afloat. Simply put, we all need to survive, whether we are a student, a poor recent graduate, or just starting out professionally. This begs the question – how far would we go to survive? We all have expenses, problems, and of course, like Max and Caroline, we all have aspirations.

Michael Patrick King, one of the producers, calls it “a big ballsy comedy” that is “broad and brash and very current”. Trust me, its current. Much to my incredulity, just a few weeks after Miley Cyrus’ recent twerktastrophe/tongue incident, they were joking about that on the show.

Here, watch another clip:

Bonus: Here’s a Hipster vs. Homeless pop quiz for you.

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